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Why did a group of ex-resume writing geeks set up a website to review resume writing services? The simple answer is pride; the complicated answer is a malcontented desire to fix what is wrong.

The team of ex-writers kept seeing poor quality resumes writing services promoted and pushed on the Internet. They knew how bad these writing services were, and they were saddened and increasingly malcontented by how their online reputation didn’t reflect their output. The team set up the review website to set the record straight. They wanted to make it obvious, which resume writing services were the best and which were the worst.

The simple answer to why these ex-resume writing geeks set up the website is because of pride. They were still proud of what they did for a living, and they wanted to critique the work of others. They wanted to see the best services get the most attention, but they also wanted the chance to dabble in the writing world without being a direct participant, and what better way than to test the work of others than to review it online.

This writing service review website has become popular because it is impartial and honest. There is no stone left unturned and no fact left out. If there is something important to say about a resume writing service, then this company makes sure it is written on one of their reviews.

The reviewers are all ex-resume writing experts that now spend most of their time reviewing resume writing services. Students, unemployed people, and people looking to switch jobs are able to get what they want a little quicker thanks to the reviews on this website. Knowing the intimate details of each resume writing service allows a buyer to put his or her money into the right company. For example, some services are more for entry-level and minimum wage jobs, and others are very expensive services that are aimed at executives wanting to switch jobs into promoted roles.

The best thing about the resume writing company review website is that it is free to use for anybody, it has no country/location restrictions, the reviews are not sponsored, and the website is not crammed full of affiliate advertising. It is a simple and easy-to-use review website that gives impartial information without any catch. It is simply the work of a bunch of dedicated professionals that wanted to add something to the online community without worrying about how much money it makes.

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