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Order Process

Find out how to order your resume from a resume writing service

The ordering process is not often a difficult one. Obviously, it is going to depend on the resume writing service that you choose, but in general, it goes something like this:

Pick your service

You are going to need to pick the right service for the job you want to get. Different resume writing companies will have different options and services. For example, some will have industry-specific options, some will price their service based on the deadline, and some will do it based on the quality or type of work produced.

– Entry-level resume
These are ideally for people that have little experience because they have finished their education, or for the long-term unemployed. These are also the types of resumes that suit minimum wage jobs, and they are often the cheapest.

– Mid-level resume
These are resumes for people wanting to move from a one job to another. They are also suitable for people that were laid off or made redundant. They are more in-depth and complicated than entry-level resumes.

– Executive resume
These are mostly for people that want to move from one job to another job and get a promotion by moving to the new job. They are also for people that are in the throes of a career. Highly qualified, but under experienced people, such as ex-students, may also want these types of resumes.

– Director-level resume
These are very powerful and very expensive resumes for people that are looking to pick up a director/directorship job or role. They are the most expensive type of resume to order, but one assumes the rewards of getting the job/role are large.

– Cover letters
Some consider the cover letter to be the most important part of an application because they are the first point of contact between the sender and the future employer.

– LinkedIn profiles
It is becoming increasingly popular to market oneself to potential employers on LinkedIn. Employers are probably not going to hunt you down on LinkedIn and offer you a job, but they will probably look at your LinkedIn profile when you apply for a job at their company, so it pays to have a reasonably good and consistent LinkedIn profile.

– Resume editing
Many people write their own resumes and then have no luck getting a job with them. Ideally, such a person would submit their resume to a resume writing service and they would create a new one with the information, but what some people do is send their resume in for editing.

Pick your deadline

There are some resume writing companies that tell you how long your CV will take to be completed. It may be 1-3 business days or 3-5 business days. There are some companies that will let you pick how long it will take, though they usually have varying prices for each timescale.

Choose the right price

There are likely to be a number of pricing options you may choose. They may be based on the deadline, or the type of service you want, or the quality of the service you want. Ideally, you should shop around to find the best possible service for you at the right price.

Give them your details

Add any additional notes, make your payment before or after, and wait for your resume to be written. You may ask for amendments in some cases, but it is often rare unless the company has made a silly error.

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