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This is a professional resume writing service that specializes in writing CVs for people looking for a career. This is not the sort of company you go to if you want a resume for a minimum wage job. They will be happy to write resumes for minimum wage job applications, but it would be a drastic under use of their talents, like firing an electromagnetic cannon to hit a tin can off a wall. Their brand principles are a fair price to save you time, attract attention, and put you ahead of your competitors. There are no hidden fees and they only hire professional writers and industry experts to work for them.


They have a team of resume writers that are able to create high-powered resumes that will impress any employer. They also have resume editing for people that have created their own resume. They also have CV writers and editors, and even though the words are interchangeable in real life, on this website a CV is more intensive, comprehensive and wordy. They also have a LinkedIn profile writing service that uses the same information you use on your CV. Self-promotion for a job via LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular these days. They will also write your cover letter too, which some people consider to be the most important element of your application because it is your first contact point with the employer.


For their resume writing service it costs $99 for an entry level resume, it costs $129 for a professional level resume, and $169 for an executive level CV. Their CV writing services cost $129 for entry level, $149 for professional level and $189 for executive level. When you order your resume, you are given your deadline on the order form along with your order number and the type of service you have opted for. The deadline is usually five working/business days, and a date is shown that tells you when it will be ready.

Discounts and special offers

Their best price guarantee means you will get the best comparable price. The prices are updated monthly. The company offers a five business-day deadline, but it may arrive in as few as three days depending upon how labor intensive the project is. The company sometimes releases discount codes that you can enter when you make your order, but they do not like to give them out too freely because they are usually loaded down with too much work already because they are increasingly popular with executives that use getting a new job as a way of getting a promotion.

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