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UkCvExperts review

At first, you may consider them to be a fly-by-night company that has a bad web designer, and you would be right on the latter issue. Their website was designed by an amateur, but if you can look back the squinting that needs to be done to read their text, and if you look past their 2006 web graphics, you will find a highly competent team of CV writers. They only create top-level CVs. They do not even bother offering services for entry-level jobs because it is below their talents. It is easy to see why they cannot afford a good web designer because their prices are so low. It is rare to find a company that does such good work that is able to charge such low prices, and yet UkCVExperts are one of those companies.


You can get a British CV that is written by UK experts. Their sound quality and powerful marketing techniques will translate around the world, so buying a custom-written CV from them is a good investment in yourself. They write executive CVs, professional CVs, director CVs and they have a LinkedIn writing service too. They have a selection of roles they write for that is increasing all the time. The reason they have a limited number of roles they write for is because they only write CVs roles that they have experts in. If they do not employ a writer with the correct industry experience for the job you want, then they will not write your resume for you.


Their executive CV costs £100. Their professional CV costs £175, their director CV costs £225, and their LinkedIn writing service costs just £100. Once you click to order, you can also choose further options such as having your CV and LinkedIn profile written, or having a CV, a LinkedIn profile and a cover letter written.

Discounts and special offers

They do not offer discounts because they already charge very low prices when you consider the weight of talent goes into each resume they write. The only potential place for a saving is if you take up one of their packages when you make your purchase. It is not a company that is overflowing with customers. In fact, if you make an order, they can probably fit you in at almost any time of the year. They could probably drum up a little more business if they were to offer discounts, but their prices are already so low that there would be little profit in giving discounts. Plus, there is no point in setting a loss leader when their product helps people get jobs so that they need not return.

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